Sutured Souls

by Snake Road

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released May 22, 2013

Open Casket Cassettes and Speedowax Records partnered to co-release “Sutured Souls,” a 7-inch EP and Cassette.
Limited to 50 tapes, 50 7"s (USA), 50 7"s (UK)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Will Yip at Studio 4.

Snake Road is:

Jimmy Brady - Vocals, Guitars
Jordan Berk - Guitars, Vocals
Travis Collison - Bass
Jeff Barow - Drums



all rights reserved


Snake Road Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Hardcore Punk

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Track Name: The Needle and The Thread // Heavy Hearts
the needle and the thread [intro to heavy hearts]

there are no words

that can heal these sores

there are no words

only these chords can fix what's torn

the thread that mends us together again

there are no words
only these chords
no words

heavy hearts

no one enjoys a good story that ends far too early
all joy has been taken from me
if the world stopped spinning this is how it would feel

so frail and so fragile are we
so very easy to break
fate's dirty tricks are so heavy to take
yes, these things are too heavy to take

just take it away.

pleas. knees. grieve. beg for reprieve.

so cruel and sadistic the powers that be
we pick up the pieces of young tragedy
we hold and keep warm your memory

we long for reunion, dear friend
our sutured souls may never mend
this is a loss that we can't comprehend
we will never ever comprehend

my head is spinning.

we honor you in song
heavy hearts will sing along
so hard to say "so long"
heavy hearts sing the heaviest song

so senseless
so defenseless against it

so noble, so gentle, so true
heavy hearts beat for you
Track Name: No Cure
no cure

a song for the disaffected
a prayer to the resurrected
no cure for the ones infected
no faith for the once respected
no one ever cares
no one has ever cared
no one will ever fucking care
there's no mercy - there is only misery
let's share this burden - a melody for your malady

no cure for the wretched ones
no cure
no cure
Track Name: Flash

i don't give a fuck what you're talking about
these days are numbered
and i'm feeling like i'm torn between worlds

i don't even stop and think about it
just move on to the next one
but it's bound to be all over soon

flash. they don't last. flash. they don't last. flash. flash. they don't fucking last.
flash. it's over. flash. it's over. it's all over now.

i'm fading out.
i'm fading out.
that's right. i'm fading out.
i'm fading out.
that's right. who's sorry now?
i'm fading out.
who's sorry now?
i'm fading out.
who's sorry?
Track Name: The Catch
the catch

the sun descends
and darkness envelops our friends
without regret
take my shot at being content

i'm pleading you to believe what is true /
no, i'm not pleading you to believe what is true

if life and love
can only be ransomed by losing one
then take this heart
and let fate's will be done

who would know
when we will be on the mend
take my word
put posturing to an end

if you should fall,
i would catch you.
if i should fall,
would you catch me too?

there's always a catch, isn't there?

i'm pleading you to believe what is true /
no, i'm not pleading you to believe what is true

always remember
the smoke will clear
and you'll see there's nothing to fear
the candle burns on down to my fingertips
but i still hold on to it.
Track Name: Amplifier

i'm staring right into these speakers
sounds so violent, sounds so volatile

some choose to greet me, some choose to pass me by
i chose to face it all, loud and small. faced it all.

i'm being devoured by these shock waves
thrills so violent, thrills so volatile

i choose to come here. i promise to stand my ground.
i chose to give it all, loud and small. gave it all.

nothing matters more, not half much as this.
funny to think that just yesterday it did not exist.
nothing matters half much as this.

i'm stitching this soul back onto my skin
you're my sole virtue. i do this all for you.

i drag the needle up and over.
my highs are higher - my lows, so very low.

you make everything better.
Track Name: Ashes

ashes to ashes, revert to dust
i have lost my sacred trust

down and out, and faith is lost
oh sweet, secular albatross

i want so badly to believe
all the things i cannot see

assume a soul will carry on
losing me, already gone


these days are coming at me
and i'll give 'em hell, because it's the only thing i've got