Severed EP

by Snake Road

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Snake Road is:

Jimmy Brady - Vocals, Guitars
Jordan Berk - Guitars, Vocals
Travis Collison - Bass
Jeff Barow - Drums


released July 22, 2011

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Barow.

Released by Speedowax on Vinyl/digital

150 “snowblind” white vinyl

108 solid “black numbered vinyl ”

11 numbered” speckled” vinyl numbered on inner sleeve

50 pre order press “snake road” cover

100 numbered “white sleeve

100 numbered “tan sleeve

11 numbered “green sleeve



all rights reserved


Snake Road Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Hardcore Punk

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Track Name: Immunity
nothing can stop me now
i'm cruising at the speed of sound, untying what you bound
nothing can stop me now

proving you wrong at every turn
it's something that I've come to learn
getting up all blacked and blued
growing evermore immune to
you. now i don't care anymore.
Track Name: Reminders
i'm stuck down here
won't you help me, lead me out?

i'm struck with fear
plagued by memories and doubt

the burn, the sting
as freshly cut as yesterday

they turn and wring
my gut and haunt me to this day

reminders can serve us or be too severe
reminders can sever as days turn to years

all those things i've left undone

this hell, this torture
find the means to set me free

this shell, this enclosure
find the cracks to set me free
Track Name: My Undoing
i am careless with hearts
i grip them and rip them and tear them apart
i don't have no regard
an empty gesture feeds an empty heart

my body and soul
are splitting, admitting i've lost all control
they will soon separate
all the more i continue to lie here in wait

it's not ok / i'm not ok

i am reckless with hearts
depraved and degrading is my work of art
i ain't got no regard
an empty gesture feeds an empty heart

this is my undoing
another bond has been ruined
Track Name: Loft
i have placed myself in this loft.
i'm fucking untouchable.

falling further into isolation.

i'll never
let you in.
Track Name: Revered and Venerated
gave you all the warmth i had, all the tenderness at last
i've run all out
prop me up against a wall, steady standing fast and tall
to knock me down

revered and venerated?
all those things that i once hated
i can't wish them all away
revered and venerated?
all those things that i once hated
seep into me

your true self has been revealed, reviled, repulsed, replaced, repealed
color me gray
resistance has become attraction, cannot stop this chain reaction
i've tried in vain

i've lost track of who the fuck i'm supposed to be

i want to be revered and venerated
instead i'm callous, cold and calculated
Track Name: Past, Present, Mirror
today i saw the smallest thing,
trivial and meaningless

flashing light and shining bright,
mimicking me left and right

gaining steam and giving chase,
trying to keep up the pace

all that has been is right now
all these things follow me down

scars & scabs & sores & remnants

today i saw the smallest thing

miles & trials & lines & footprints

trivial and meaningless

all in my mirror
Track Name: Still Breathing
i'm still breathing
and you're not here
my head's repeating
these absent years

if i had my way
i'd roll back the days
and take with me
the remedy

and if i failed
i would assail
my own chest
and wield the scalpel

and carefully
carve out this lung
hands still shaking
and body numb

i'd tie it to
your inner tubes
these slick old hands
won't let you

slip away

you taught me
to always give
the most we have
in the time we live

will settle in
we all hope to hear
a choir of angels sing

but are we destined for
everlasting silence?